Yancey's Girl (jwsy5504) wrote in people_in_love,
Yancey's Girl

Well last night Steven and I ended up fighting. I told him I felt like I was constintly getting judged or talked about behind my back from his parents to his ex girlfriend. No they have not talked about to my face, but still. Here's the background info:
She got kicked out of her house, so she stayed w/them for a year or so.
She got preg then engaged, then broke it off claiming the guy was mistreating her.
Supposely no one in her family invited her over for Thanksgiving so she's a lone.
At the HS Finals she came up to me and told they were cheating behind my back and yada yada.
His mom takes pity on her bc of her current situtation.
His mom wanted to invite her to the cookout next weeekend but said no one would show up if she did that.

Steven said I just need to forgive everything. That she would probably even appologize to me for what she said at Finals if I ever talk to her. So? She could be sincere, wahoo, or she could do it so that she'll come between us. I don't care if she appologizes either way. I told him well maybe he should just invite her for the cookout, he said no cause he didn't want anything to do with her(and I do believe him). He said he can't believe I'm that jealous. I'm not jealous. I know what jealous feels like. It's the fact that I feel like they tell her about me, or go back to when they were dating and compare relationships. He says I never come over to get to know them(I go to his house maybe 2-3 times a week and same goes for him) cause they want to get to know me, but w/the feeling, how do I open up? I can't. His mom and I were starting to open up to eachother.

After a hour we resolved our differences, I guess you could say. But I still have this feeling. *sigh*

I just don't know right now. Am I actually being a jealous girlfriend? Should I just forget the feeling? Anything will help.
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dont worry about ex girlfriends. i`m not usually a jealous person but i am really jealous when other girls that my boyfriend has known for a while. it just bothers me. its ok. dont worry about it.
i'd be really jealous and pissed all rolled into one...the best thing you can do if just try and forget about her and confront his parents with him by yourside
Well thanks for the comments. Yesterday I called and left a message on his cell that I decided to let go of the feeling and forgive the past but not forget and yada yada. Unforuntely we haven't spoken since Sunday night. When he gets mad at me he won't speak for a while, that's just how he is. *sigh*
no prob...i hope everything works out....he really shouldnt do that (not talk to you) that will be bad in the long run!! <3
Thanks. Hah I know, even his dad told him that(I updated in another post in here) :o)