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Yancey's Girl

Well thanks for the comments!! Much appreciated.

We had a family meeting(his family). We talked it out. Me, him, his parents and his sister. They said they were kind of hurt that I would feel like that. They said they don't like me any more then they like her, or vise versa. They do believe in forgiveness and she did make a mistake, but that I should not feel compared to or threatened by her in any way. And they would never ever let Steven and he date again bc they feel she is not good for him. It was a very nice conversation and I'm glad it happened. I even wrote his ex a letter(this was decided before any of that happened) bc his ex and his sister are going to lunch tomorrow. Steven asked what was in it, he said the one mistake I made was putting my number in it(hey I was trying to be nice, I don't have to be her friend) bc she could easily be a bitch and call me up and start stuff again. He said she could turn psycho again. Okay.. whoops? Anyways, everything is great now. I don't see her as a threat anymore, especially cause Steven hates her(hah), I'm feeling better about his family now and more comfortable, and him and I are great. The two things his dad did say was that 1) when he gets mad at me it's very childish to not speak to me and he needed to step up and deal with it and 2) we needed to quite fighting so much. We don't fight that much but when we do it's quite obvious. Hah. But anyways, all is well here now. I'm in love and very happy. I cannot wait til Thanksgiving. We are having way to many people over(we have a big family, er) then to his house(where it'll be smaller). Thanks for everyone letting me vent and talk, sometimes ya just need this! I hope everyone has a good Turkey day!
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