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K1ss M3 S0 Sw33t

1 ~*~ Namesxxx Summer And Chris
2 ~*~ Agesxxx 14 and 18
3 ~*~ How long have you been together?xxx Almost 2 months but we dated about a year ago for some time
4 ~*~ Anniversary October 11th 2004
5 ~*~ Where do you live?xxx Daytona Beach, FL
6 ~*~ How did you meet?xxx He is my best friends brother
7 ~*~ Do you see marriage with this person?xxx Yes I do
8 ~*~ Whats the best thing about being a couple?xxx That I wake up knowing that someone loves me((We both feel the same about that))
9 ~*~ Whats the worst thing about being a couple?xxx Nothing bad about it
10 ~*~ Whats the most romantic thing your s/o has done for you?xxxI was really sad one day and had to leave his house because my mom wanted me home, and alot of bad things happened that day, and like 10 minutes after I was home he showed up at my house and he had bought me a lamb of god shirt and we sat and cuddled and talked :x :) You might not find it romantic but its metal love
11 ~*~ Are you dating/engaged/married?xxx Dating
12 ~*~ Have either of you ever cheated?xxxx Nope
13 ~*~ How do you feel about premarital sex?xxx Well I am pregnant, so obviously I am not against it, and its ok as long as you do it with the right person.
14 ~*~ Why do you want to join this community?xxx Because I love joining communitys were I can chat with other people who are in relationships they understand more when you want to talk about couple things.
15 ~*~ Where did you find us or who told you about us?xxx pinkslipper_
16 ~*~ Post 2-5 pictures of you and your s/oxxx

Me and Chris

Me and Chris

Me and Chris kissing

Me and Chris

♥ Summer ♥

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