Yancey's Girl (jwsy5504) wrote in people_in_love,
Yancey's Girl

1 ~*~ Names: Jenni + Steven
2 ~*~ Ages: 20 + 21
3 ~*~ How long have you been together? Almost 7 months.
4 ~*~ Anniversary date. May 5 2004
5 ~*~ Where do you live? South Carolina
6 ~*~ How did you meet? He had a horse for sale, I saw the ad, went to go look at the horse, he kept teasing me about how I needed to hook him up w/one of my friends, then after he dropped off the horse(dad's truck was in the shop so we couldn't get him), a few nights later we were sitting on the side of his truck talking, and it all goes from there. What we have found weird is that we both knew of eachother for years, just never met. We've even trained horses for people in the same barn. Amazing how things work out.
7 ~*~ Do you see marriage with this person? Yes, but not right now. Maybe engagement in a year and marriage in two or so.
8 ~*~ Whats the best thing about being a couple? Having eachother's back. We both tend to pull the best and strong sides out of each other when the time calls for it.
9 ~*~ Whats the worst thing about being a couple? Fighting. I tend to get way to upset about it and he tends to get mad about it, then gets even madder cause I'm upset about it.
10 ~*~ Whats the most romantic thing your s/o has done for you? The most romantic.. gosh there's a few. I guess the one that sticks out the most is when we were at a rodeo(he was working it, I just came to observe, no competing that weekend), during break he went around yelling my name, after fiding me, infront of a lot of people he started talking, the thing that stood out the most when he said he loved me.
11 ~*~ Are you dating/engaged/married? Dating
12 ~*~ Have either of you ever cheated? No.
13 ~*~ How do you feel about premarital sex? If you understand the consquences behind the actions, and you really love the person, then go for it.
14 ~*~ Why do you want to join this community? I like giving advice, receiving it, gift ideas, etc.
5 ~*~ Where did you find us or who told you about us? I did a search for love and relationships in the livejournal thing.
16 ~*~ Post 2-5 pictures of you and your s/o: Well I hope this doesn't effect anything, but I only have one on webshots, and I can't get any more any time soon bc my digital camera got stolen a few weeks ago.
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