Yancey's Girl (jwsy5504) wrote in people_in_love,
Yancey's Girl

It's so funny.

For the first 3 months of our relationship I called him the most. Now, it's, if I don't call him sometime before 6 in the day, he goes crazy, wondering if something bad has happened to me. lol. Especially if I don't call til night time(hey I get busy), he worries. He'll even leave voice mails after he calls my cell if I don't answer. It's cute. But sometimes makes me think he's the girl. ;o)

Anyways, we were talking Thursday night, our date night. About past relationships, he remarked "I'm a cowboy it never works out" and I just kinda looked at him and went "that's real positive" and he looked at me and goes "but I know you'll change that, I know you'll take care of me". We are hitting 8 months in several weeks. I've asked him if he has anything planned yet for our 1 year(I like to know things ahead of time), to which he replied, "I'd like to". I remarked back "oh, so nothing?" and he goes "no" and I went "oh", well he pulled me off the ground(I was laying down), and talked to me about how he can't imagine himself w/anyone else and how he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with me. We do talk about marriage, and in time, I know we will.

Which leads to one other thing, please, no one take offense in this. We were joking around playing pool, one of his balls wouldn't go in the hole, which lead to the joke about how it was scared to. He replied back "no, I don't think it's really scared, it just doesn't want to rush this relationship". Yes, he's been w/quite a few women, I haven't been w/anyone. I guess sometimes it just puzzles me as to why he's waiting. But then I realize, being the person I am, maybe he realizes it's that important to me, and he knows in his heart we'll have a lot of time to do that. I guess it also helps that he even says that to me. It's nice to know he doesn't just want to get involved in that w/me.

I hope everyone's week went well and the weekend goes good! We had a pretty bad storm last night so it's nice to get a quiet night to sleep now. <3
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